Pilates Classes & Workshops

Crowborough, East Sussex

These days we tend to be less physical and lose the connection we have with our bodies. This is generally created by working at desks, long commutes, jam-packed family schedules and general daily pressures which weigh us down.

These daily pressures are not helped by the information overload from 24/7 email, web, phone connection. All things which we can’t ignore as this is generally our way of life.

I hope to be able to work with you to relieve the tension that 21st century living has created in your body and mind and to help you find the balance in your life.

Pilates can provide low impact exercise which helps to promote good posture and lean and toned muscles by connecting your mind with your body.

Sports massage can help relieve the tension from the muscles created by stress, postural imbalances and overuse.

“Teresa is an excellent Pilates teacher and really knows what she is talking about. She is also crystal clear. No two classes are the same. They are fun and achieve real results. As a male I had not thought about doing Pilates until my wife recommended that I see Teresa. I have really benefited. I have toned up considerably in the 6 months I have been seeing her. She has a keen eye for detail and provides constant guidance throughout a class. What Teresa teaches cannot be learnt from a book or a DVD. She is a true professional.”

Kevin F. Lloyd
“I recently started Teresa’s Beginners Pilates class and I have been really impressed. Teresa is brilliant at explaining the subtle movements required and pays close attention to each individual, making sure that we are all doing each movement correctly. The exercise itself is as easy or as hard as you wish to make it, but really makes you think about how your body is working. Thoroughly recommended!”